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my grandmother kept all the jewelry my grandpa gave her over the years in a wooden box. When I was ten my sisters and I sat on their big bed and asked if we could look through all her treasures. She had a big opal ring enbedded in gold flowers. I sat on the stairs the whole time my sisters played with her necklaces and pinned her earings to their shirts, just staring at this big beautiful gem in the afternoon light. My Granny still remembers that sisteen years later. When the dementia was starting to get really noticible, when she had to get rid off her house where she and my grandpa lived for twenty years and all the things they'd collected (my grandpa was already gone, I loved him so much) - she remembered me sitting on the stairs with her opal ring. She told me she always wanted me to have it. I lost it last week, I can't be trusted with precious things.

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